Aug 8, 2007

Here’s a brand new pic from the set of Revolutionary Road, taken yesterday in Connecticut. It’s Kate with Leo and child actors Ty and Ry Simpkins.

Revolutionary Road: Promotional Stills

Photo courtesy

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  • Aug 08moni says:  

    What a cute pic!!! Thanks a lot:-)

  • Aug 08Ali says:  

    I love that pic! :)

  • Aug 08phantom says:  

    thanks, soo cute of the four of them!

  • Aug 09Tanai_B says:  

    the perfect family!!!

  • Aug 09Kim says:  


  • Aug 10Alice says:  

    They’re really really sweet! ^__^
    thanks for the photo!

  • Aug 12anakalis says:  

    I agree…. It´s totally cute :-)

  • Aug 12Sara says:  

    Wow, thanks for the update Roberta! That is such a great picture! Very sweet. Kate and Leo look adorable together, but older since the Titanic days. I can’t wait for this film!

  • Aug 13Letitia says:  

    omg CANT YOU SEE? ITS THE PERFECT FAMILY!! they r meant for each other!!!!!

  • Aug 22Emma says:  

    Those are some cute kids! And of course A KATE AND LEO PIC!!!! YAY!

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