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I’ve added a bunch of old candids to the gallery, which you can view one by one here.

Phew! :P

• Candids: At Los Angeles International airport – March 21, 1998
• Candids: Kate and Mia take a walk across Hampstead Heath – January 4, 2002
• Candids: Kate takes Mia to school – May 17, 2005
• Candids: Taking Mia to school – May 18, 2005
• Candids: Buying groceries at the Chelsea market place – June 18, 2005
• Candids: Enjoying a stroll after working out – June 20, 2005
• Candids: At Heathrow airport – June 23, 2006
• Candids: Arriving at Los Angeles International airport – January 14, 2007
• Candids: Kate and Mia walk to school – March 22, 2007
• Candids: Attending a memorial service for famous publicist Robert Garlock – November 13, 2007
• Candids: At Los Angeles International airport – November 16, 2008
• Candids: At Los Angeles International airport – February 2, 2009
• Candids: Getting her kids from school – November 10, 2009
• Candids: Kate and Louis in Madrid – September 22, 2010
• Candids: Outside her apartment – October 7, 2010
• Candids: Walking in Chelsea – October 7, 2010
• Candids: Picking up kids from school – October 26, 2010
• Candids: Kate and son Joe out in NYC – December 2, 2010
• Candids: Arriving at LAX airport – September 17, 2011

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As you guys may have noticed, I’ve added a lot of new pics and replacements from MQs to HQs. To view them, click here.

In addition, here are four brand new photoshoots:

• Photoshoots: Newer – 2000s > Set #064
• Photoshoots: Newer – 2000s > Set #065
• Photoshoots: Newer – 2000s > Set #066
• Photoshoots: Newer – 2000s > Set #067

Note: I have bunches of old candids to sort through so I can add to the gallery. Please be patient. ;)

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Taking a break from her acting duties, the British beauty hosted a press conference held by Swiss luxury watchmaker Longines in Shanghai. Kate is currently the company’s Ambassador of Elegance.

Meanwhile, Kate has collaborated with experts at make-up giant Lancôme to create a special cosmetics collection for charity.

The Oscar-winning actress, who is a spokesmodel for the brand, has worked closely with the company to come up with a range of lipsticks, blushers and nail polishes for its 2011 winter range.

Lancôme bosses have promised to donate $200,000 of profits raised from sales to The Golden Hat Foundation, a non-profit organization set up by the Titanic star last year to raise awareness of autism.

Kate says, “Lancôme’s instant offer of support was a huge display of confidence and generosity. I knew it would open many doors.”

The range will be on sale until December.

Added some HQ pics from the events that took place yesterday, September 29:

• Public Appearances > Awards & Galas: Longines Evening Party
• Public Appearances > Press Conferences: Longines Press Conference

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Thanks to no-a, we now have scans from October issue of Russian magazine Kinopark:

• Magazines/Clippings: Kinopark – October, 2011

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Added 82 new HQ pics of Kate at the Emmys on September 18:

• Public Appearances > Awards & Galas: 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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Thanks once again to my dear friend Mariana, we now have scans from September 22 issue of Italian magazine A:

• Magazines/Clippings: A – September 22, 2011

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I’ve added 118 HD screen captures of Kate at the Emmys to the gallery:

• Television: Award Shows > 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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Some news concerning the Golden Hat Foundation, the association which Kate created to help autistic children. First of all, here is exclusively the coverage of the book which will unite the photographs of numerous stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Meryl Streep, Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Ellen Page, Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, Jude Law, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and many others. The launch of the book is due April 2012.

I also added screen captures of Kate’s interview in which she speaks about her foundation and about the support of Lancôme (which will take out a special range of making-up some time in November 2011, which benefits will go to the Golden Hat Foundation). Video is available in the sidebar.

• Miscellaneous: The Golden Hat Foundation
• Miscellaneous: The Golden Hat Foundation interview – Screen Captures

Many thanks to Eternal-Kate.net!