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Making the trip across the pond to Mother England, Kate Winslet was spotted arriving at London’s Heathrow Airport yesterday, September 20.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind actress looked to be in good spirits as she made her exit sporting sunglasses, a black jacket, and a grey scarf.

Winslet was in the States to pick up her Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Movie for her role in Mildred Pierce.

During the Emmys, Kate’s costar Guy Pearce won Best Supporting Actor and told the audience, “This was really a delightful experience making Mildred Pierce I got to have sex with Kate Winslet many, many times. And I didn’t realize it was going to result in this, so Kate I share this with you because you’re an extraordinary woman, thank you, for allowing me to insert myself into your world of Mildred.”

After the speech, Kate gushed, “I was thrilled! I’ve had a crush on Guy Pearce since I was 11 years old, so just to stand in the same room as him was thrilling for me and to hear him say that was even more of a buzz.”

Added 5 HQ pics to the gallery:

• Candids: At Heathrow airport – September 20, 2011

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Added over 300 more HQ pics of Kate at the Emmys last night to the gallery:

• Public Appearances > Awards & Galas: 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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Our girl did it! Congrats, Kate!!! Also, congratulations to Kate’s co-star Guy Pearce! :D

Added 220 HQ pics of Kate wearing a gorgeous Elie Saab red dress:

• Public Appearances > Awards & Galas: 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Note: Even more pics and videos coming soon!

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Kate was seem arriving at LAX yesterday, September 17, to attend the Emmys tonight. Added 14 HQ pics to the gallery:

• Candids: Arriving at LAX airport – September 17, 2011

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Just added 8 HQs of Kate arriving at the Heathrow airport yesterday, September 13, to the gallery:

• Candids: Arriving at Heathrow airport – September 13, 2011

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Thanks once again to my dear friend Mariana, we now have scans from September 4 issue of Italian magazine Film TV:

• Magazines/Clippings: Film TV – September 4, 2011

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It’s official: movie number five for Jason Reitman will be Labor Day, and it will be produced through Paramount Pictures. This romantic drama, which sounds like quite a departure, finds a single mother who takes in a mysterious drifter with a dangerous past. Things get heated, erupting in a passionate affair over the titular holiday. While this seems like the type of thing we’d love with Shelley Winters and Robert Mitchum from the pen of Tennessee Williams, instead this is from the book by Joyce Maynard, with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin as the illicit couple. Eh, not a huge downgrade.

Production on the film starts next June for a summer shoot, making this Reitman’s fourth collaboration with Paramount — Juno emerged via Fox Searchlight. It’s definitely a stretch for Reitman, who didn’t know a single moment of sincerity he couldn’t spike with air quotes, but we’d love to see what sort of chemistry exists between Brolin and Winslet.

Reitman’s latest, Young Adult, hits December 9th. The word seems uncertain as to the film’s status as an Oscar player, but Reitman’s last two films, Juno and Up In The Air, were pretty big contenders with a certain subset of voters. Paramount locking in Labor Day suggests a certain amount of confidence in Young Adult. In other words, this is a pretty cushy arrangement. Hey Jason, if you’re reading, can we borrow some money?

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