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Carnage, the screen adaptation of Yasmina Reza’s Tony Award-winning comedy God Of Carnage, starring Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly, will be released in New York and Los Angeles December 16.

The film debuted at the Venice Film Festival September 1, and received its U.S. debut as part of the New York Film Festival later that month. It will be screened in limited release in New York and Los Angeles beginning December 16. Additional nationwide dates will follow.

Reza (Art, Life (x) 3) and director Roman Polanski collaborated on the film, which is set in Park Slope, Brooklyn, but was filmed in Paris. God Of Carnage centers on two sets of upper-middle class parents who attempt and fail to resolve a playground dispute between their children. A discussion over coffee and clafoutis turns into an animalistic battle of the sexes.

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How refreshing. A trio of British actresses who are well-respected and beautiful, to boot, have formed a club of sorts. Kate Winslet (36), Rachel Weisz (41) and Emma Thompson (52) have joined in solidarity against succumbing to the lure of plastic surgery. Representing women in their 30’s, 40′s and 50′s, the actresses have made a vow to never go under the knife.

What a nice treat. They are all stunning in their own right, and I think this is a very positive message to send to our youth obsessed society. Women (and actresses in particular) have ridiculous expectations placed upon them to remain eternally youthful. However, in the quest for that look, too many women are looking like sideshow freaks. I can’t for the life of me figure out how they think they look better with all the work they have done.

On occasion, I watch The Bold And The Beautiful. I used to think that Hunter Tylo was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Now, I just feel sorry for her. She has a perpetually frozen look, boobs far too large for her frame, and lips inflated beyond their capacity. Why? I can’t even watch her without cringing. Such a shame.

From Us Magazine:

Kate Winslet: “I will never give in,” she said. “It goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty.”
While the women’s resolve not to go under the knife is real, their league might be more of a way to speak out against ageism than an active organization.
“I am an actress, I don’t want to freeze the expression of my face,” Winslet said.
Thompson, 52, agreed. “I’m not fiddling about with myself,” she exclaimed. “We’re in this awful youth-driven thing now where everybody needs to look 30 at 60.”
Newly-married Weisz, 41, said that people “who look too perfect don’t look sexy or particularly beautiful.”

I hope the ladies can adhere to their promise. We need more women like this spreading the message that it’s perfectly fine to age gracefully. Kate and Rachel still look good and will continue to get work partly for photogenic reasons, but as pointed out by Huffington Post, Emma Thompson’s vow to resist cosmetic surgery shows real bravery, being now at an age where wrinkles can be hard to cover up with makeup, though not impossible for the top plastic surgeons. Will Kate continue her pledge when she begins to get wrinkles and sags in a few places, or will she succumb to a facelift?

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I’ve added 9 MQ pics from a photoshoot for Lancôme:

Also, Kate will be in Vogue Paris. Before waiting for the interview, check out this new pic taken for this issue:

• Photoshoots: Set #013
• Photoshoots: Set #014

Merci à notre sister site Eternal-Kate!

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Kate Winslet made a surprise guest appearance at the Port Eliot Literary Festival in St. Germans, Cornwall on July 24. She read from “Mr. Gum And His Power Crystals” prompted by her two young children for whom it is a favourate. They were amongst the audience of children and grown ups who all seemed captivated by her animated hour long read through.

One young fan was so taken by it all that he climbed on stage to get a little closer to the performance. He was however only taking Kate up on her word who invited kids to join her on the stage if they felt the urge.

Added 42 new HQs to the gallery:

• Other Appearances: Port Eliot Literary Festival

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I have added 14 new HQ pics of Kate and her beau arriving at Heathrow airport on Wednesday, October 19, to the gallery:

• Candids: At Heathrow airport – October 19, 2011

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Dr. Ian Lipkin, expert who advised on Soderbergh’s movie, says we must be better prepared for outbreak of deadly disease

It’s a classic Hollywood tale: scientists race against time to decode a killer virus that is spreading across the world. But the scientist who advised Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh on his new thriller, Contagion, says the events and themes of his latest film carry a very real warning for our times.

Dr. Ian Lipkin, professor of epidemiology, neurology and pathology at New York’s Columbia University, was recruited as a senior technical adviser on Soderbergh’s blockbuster. The film, which opened in cinemas on Friday, charts the emergence of a deadly infectious disease that ignites a pandemic.

Scientists are first alerted after Beth Emhoff, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, becomes sick after returning from a business trip to Hong Kong and dies two days later. As the virus quickly spreads and the death toll rises, it is down to a team of scientists — including Dr Erin Mears, played by Kate Winslet — to decode the virus so that a vaccine can be produced.

According to Lipkin, the plot is anything but unrealistic. Virus outbreaks are an increasing threat in the 21st century, he says, because of greater international trade and travel, urbanization, loss of wildlife habitats and inadequate investment in infrastructure for surveillance, vaccine production and distribution.

“Scientists have been accused of overreacting and crying wolf over the threat of virus outbreaks after the influenza pandemic of 2009,” Lipkin told the Observer. “Sars [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome] didn’t progress beyond a few locations, but outbreaks and pandemics will occur and we need to get our heads out of the sand and realize the real risks that we face. More than three-quarters of all emerging infectious diseases originate when microbes jump from wildlife to humans.

“Our vulnerability to such diseases has been heightened by the growth in international travel and the globalization of food production. In addition, deforestation and urbanization continue to displace wildlife, increasing the probability that wild creatures will come in contact with domesticated animals and humans.”

Lipkin says societies need to be more proactive in combating the dangers. “People need to understand that science is critical to address these kinds of challenges and respond in real time,” he said. “We need to be prepared. We need better bio-surveillance, with better detection and better ability to develop vaccines. However, our public health system is underfunded and overwhelmed, and we need more scientists.”

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Steven Soderbergh and his Informant! screenwriter Scott Z. Burns explore the speed at which both a virus and information travel in their new thriller Contagion. It’s a chilling look at the consequences of a pandemic spiraling out-of-control, lent weight and gravitas by an A-list cast featuring the likes of Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Marion Cotillard.

Contagion‘s star-studded ensemble recalls ’70s disaster epics such as The Towering Inferno, and this may be the closest Soderbergh gets to making a film of that ilk. As always with the Ocean’s Eleven director, the work feels uncompromised and uniquely his. Big-scale spectacle is shunned in favor of a cool, clinical exploration of how government and society reacts to the crisis. Soderbergh admirably manages to maintain his experimental edge in a conventional genre set-up. This is arty moviemaking dressed up as popcorn entertainment, Traffic with a transmission virus.

The film begins with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Beth Emhoff returning home to her family after a business trip. We learn that she’s cheated on her husband Mitch (Matt Damon) with an old flame (Soderbergh in a voice cameo) and is suffering from cold-like symptoms. Within days she’s convulsing on the kitchen floor and later dies in hospital. Mitch’s son also passes away, and as panic intensifies he and his daughter find themselves quarantined in their town as the disease spreads.

Concurrently, Contagion tracks doctors Ellis Cheever (Laurence Fishburne), Erin Mears (Kate Winslet) and Leonora Orantes (Marion Cotillard, identifying Beth as “patient zero”), who face the crisis on the front lines. Jude Law also has a prominent role as a sleazy, snaggle-toothed blogger who attacks pharmaceutical companies and claims to have cured his sickness with a homeopathic treatment.

Far from the hysterics of a Roland Emmerich disaster thriller, Contagion is a more measured take on humanity in crisis. With its soundtrack of rattling coughs and urgent score from Cliff Martinez, it propels along at brisk speed, building up tension and anxiety. It’s sweaty-palm, finger nails-digging-into-armrests cinema, and the bumping off of Paltrow within the opening moments quickly hammers home the fact that nobody is safe.

Many characters are introduced and as a result it’s difficult to form strong attachments amid the whirlwind-like narrative as it spans continents and government departments. Only Damon’s distraught father carries emotional resonance, particularly when he dresses up his living room so his daughter can have a prom night with her boyfriend.

Contagion‘s social decay and disorder shares parallels with the seminal TV movie Threads. Soderbergh is never quite as brutal or terrifying as that 1984 BBC production, but as paranoia and unease seeps through the screen it’s quickly evident that he and Burns have an authentic grasp on the mechanics of a disease-led downfall. This isn’t the Oscar-winning director at his best, but it’s compelling viewing nevertheless.

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Added 2 new HQs of Kate arriving at the ITV studio to tape “The Graham Norton Show” last Thursday, October 20:

• Candids: Arriving at the ITV studio – October 20, 2011