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THE DRESSMAKER starring Academy Award winner Kate Winslet at TIFF 2015 from Red Carpet Diary on Vimeo.

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Kate Winslet is set to play Joanna Hoffman in the new movie about Steve Jobs’ life.

Hoffman was one of Apple’s first employees, and she is known for standing up to the Apple co-founder.

From the moment she heard about the role, Winslet wanted it. But she looks nothing like brown haired, Polish-Armenian Hoffman.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Winslet spoke about how she managed to convince producer Scott Rudin that she was right for the part:

“So I put a wig on my head and scrubbed my face of all makeup. I took one photograph of myself, and, lucky me, I have an email address of one Mr. Scott Rudin, and I just sent him the photo with no subject. Soon there’s this call saying, okay, okay, can Danny come and meet with Kate in Australia? And I’m like, “Holy f–k, what have I started?” They sent me the script, and immediately I thought, This is amazing, I really want to play this part. I had the meeting with Danny, and I just said, “This is how I would play this part, this is who I believe that she is,” and he said, “I want you to play this part.” So then cut to three and a half weeks later, I’m in a rehearsal room in San Francisco. We rehearsed each act like a play and then filmed it in order from start to finish.”

Michael Fassbender is leading the cast as Steve Jobs, and Seth Rogen will play Steve Wozniak.

The film is due to be released this October.


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Here’s a first look at the newest campaign for Lancome. All the ladies look absolutely beautiful!

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Gallery Link:

Public Appearances > Appearances in 2015 > June 17: “A Little Chaos” New York Premiere