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Added 7 new HQs of Kate and her kids Mia and Joe on the streets of NYC yesterday morning, April 20:

• Candids: On the streets of NYC with kids – April 20, 2011

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Kate Winslet and her children were literally on the run this morning, April 20, in NYC. The actress joined her daughter, Mia, and son, Joe, in a quick sprint across the city as they tried to make it to school in time.

• Candids: On the streets of NYC with kids – April 20, 2011

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Added 665 screen captures from The Reader Blu-ray:

• Film Productions > The Reader: Screen Captures – Blu-ray

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Actress Evan Rachel Wood says she’s bisexual, and if she could, she would marry her Mildred Pierce co-star Kate Winslet.

Wood, the co-star of HBO’s hit vampire drama True Blood, told men’s glossy Esquire magazine that she likes both men and women.

“I’m up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl…” the 23-year-old actress said.

Wood plays the Vampire Queen of Louisiana in the HBO series set to return for its fourth season in June.

When asked if she’s dated women, Wood proudly responded: “Yeah, I’m more kind of like the guy when it comes to girls. I’m the dominant one. I’m opening the doors, I’m buying dinner.”

“Yeah, I’m romantic,” she said.

Referring to her rocky relationship with rock star Marilyn Manson (it’s currently off), Wood said she’s had a long affair with androgynous singers.

“I grew up in love with David Bowie,” she said. “So I was always into very androgynous things. Guys, girls… I’m into androgyny in general.”

Source: On Top Magazine

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Awesome news, you guys!

I managed to restore the entire forums without losing any users, threads and posts. :D

Please give a warm welcome to Marta (martasssantos) as the new moderator! She will be doing some cleaning on the forums as well.

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Take a look at our new audio files page and see how pretty and easy it is now!

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Kate Winslet finds it hard to make time for herself without “feeling guilty about it”.

The Revolutionary Road actress devotes so much time to her children — 10-year-old Mia, her daughter with first husband Jim Threapleton, and seven-year-old Joe, her son with second spouse Sam Mendes, who she split from in March 2010 — she has joked she has forgotten how to “sit down”, and has to force herself to make time to just relax.

She said in an interview with Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “Any mother knows the last person you think about is yourself. I’ve been a mother for 10 years and I’m still trying to figure out how to give time to myself without feeling guilty about it.

“Sometimes I’ll sit down and I’ll go, ‘Oh it’s just nice to sit down,’ because truly, I’ve forgotten how to do that.

“You forget to sit down and not worry about what needs to be done for the kids, just take time for yourself and pick up a book or read a recipe. I tell myself ‘Just. Sit. Down.’ it’s a challenge.”

Kate, 35, also revealed she is enjoying her 30s and feels much more secure in herself and prepared for the challenges of life than she did in her 20s.

She added: “I think that for a lot of women, our 20s are a time of really figuring things out and figuring out what we’re really about. Of course, at the time, we think we know exactly who we are, we think we’ve done all the growing emotionally . And then along come our 30s and it’s all different again.

“I’m really enjoying my 30s, actually. I have so much more life experience than I did when I was 25 and that’s a real luxury.”

Source: The Independent

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These past few days I’ve been working to bring the forums back with all the users, threads and posts. Just waiting for a reply from my host on this and sometime this week the forums will be back!

Our fellow fan Marta has offered to be the moderator, so yay!

The other news is: soon there are going to be Blu-ray screen captures of some of Kate’s films! :D