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Roman Polanski will be unable to celebrate the launch of his latest movie Carnage in Hollywood for the obvious reasons.

He left the U.S. 33 years ago to avoid jail and has lived in France ever since.

But, Kate Winslet, who stars in his screen version of Yasmina Reza’s play, raised a glass to Polanski in his adopted home of Paris as they celebrated an end-of-filming party.

The 35-year-old actress was joined at Le Reservoir club by Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly.

Edit: Replaced the old pictures with bigger ones and added 10 more pics.

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Thanks to Philip, we now have a brand new photoshoot taken on the set of Mildred Pierce!

Check out the pics:

• Mildred Pierce: On the Set Photoshoot

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Enjoy the gorgeous photoshoot Kate did for Vogue UK April issue!

• Photoshoots: Set #005

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Here are scans of the latest issue of Vogue UK which features Kate sporting a brand new hairdo:

Thanks to Poeiti for the scans!

• Magazines: Vogue UK – April 2011

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Thanks to my friend Ali, we now have exclusive scans of April issue of Glamour:

• Magazines: Glamour – April 2011

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Joan Crawford must be rolling because Todd Haynes has apparently done a solid job in adapting Mildred Pierce into a five-hour HBO miniseries that will premiere on March 27.

In the below review, cultural critic Brendan Lemon says he liked Kate Winslet in the title role — she’s right for it, and has the time to flesh it out — and he also gives thumbs up to Brian F. O’Byrne as thoroughly modern Mildred’s first husband.

Plus Lemon sprinkles in comments about Mare Winningham, Melissa Leo and Evan Rachel Wood as the vicious daughter.

Source: La Daily Musto

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Kate Winslet thinks the public believe she is a “fat Viking” because people often regard her as bigger than she actually is.

The 35-year-old actress — who is well known for defending her curvy figure — is often complimented on how good she looks, leading to her presuming people think of her as bigger than she is.

She said: “It seems to me I look very different from how people expect me to be.

“Clearly they think I’m a great big fat Viking. My body is different through nothing other than my being older. My clothes fit me the same way they’ve fitted me for the last five, six years. And of course I was a lot more voluptuous then.”

However, she admits she is less keen to talk about her body now because its “hypocritical”.

Kate added to Britain’s Vogue magazine: “I felt I had to defend my body and took a very public stand, which I still absolutely believe in. But I’ve stopped talking about it now. And, at a certain point, it does become hypocritical.”

Despite not wanting to talk about her figure, Kate’s face is becoming more important to her and she often notices how she is gaining wrinkles.

The Revolutionary Road star explained: “I’m more aware of things like wrinkles on my face. They’re becoming much more pronounced, because that’s the muscle I use the most when acting. But it’s my face. So, whatever.”

Source: East Coast Radio

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Added 15 more HQ pics of the event hosted by Vogue in Paris, March 2:

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