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• 2009 Magazines: Studio France – January – Thanks to no-a
• 2009 Magazines: Elle France – January – Thanks to no-a
• 2009 Magazines: Cosmopolitan – Russia – Thanks to no-a
• 2009 Magazines: Tatler Russia – February – Thanks to no-a
• 2009 Magazines: Marie Claire Brazil – March – Thanks to Mariana
• 2009 Magazines: Elle Russia – April – Thanks to no-a

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It is time for FHM’s annual top 100 Women.

We need your help in getting Kate Winslet onto the list.

Click here to vote for Kate!


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There are rumours being posted around the various message boards and ‘news’ sites about two possible projects that Kate is being linked to.

Fear of Flying, by Erica Jong

IMDB: Christine: War My Love (2010)

I want you to understand that there is nothing 100% truthful about these.  Rumours are just rumours.  As soon as we hear anything official, we will let you know.

But, for your interest, please check out the links above.  If you think it is a good or indeed a bad idea for Kate to be part of these projects, we would love to hear your opinions on our message board.


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The 2009 TIME 100 Finalists


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The contest for the Lacuna T-Shirt is over, and I randomly selected forum member Lipvixen as the recipient of the prize.

Many congrats to you.

Thank you everyone who took time to submit entry’s!

I hope to offer more Kate related prizes in the coming months, keep checking here for news.

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June 1st is the UK release date for Revolutionary Road.


Pictures of the official DVD cover are still unavailable