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08/13/2015  •  Posted By Holly  •  Comments Off on Kate Winslet Fan has a New Home with @freefansitehost

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our old host had to close it’s doors. After a few days of searching, I decided to go with FreeFansiteHosting – Please bare with me while I make sure everything is working on the site! It may take me a little while, but if you run into any errors, please just comment to this post and let me know. Thank you!

07/15/2014  •  Posted By Holly  •  Comments Off on Gallery Migration Complete!

After a few months of transferring, resizing and re-adding pictures, I’m proud to say that our new photo gallery is open! I have removed the candids from the gallery as I feel that they are invasive to Kate as she’s a private person, but everything else is back. I will be re-adding Mildred Pierce captures in a few days as I’m recapping the series in high definition for you. Please go visit the new gallery!

Visit the new gallery!

06/17/2013  •  Posted By Holly  •  Comments Off on New Layouts!

We have matching wordpress and coppermine layouts up here at Kate Winslet Fan done by Ray. We’re working on our twitter as well so no retweets for site updates will happen until we configure the new plugin for it! Let us know what you think about the layouts

06/02/2013  •  Posted By Luciana  •  5 Comments

You probably have noticed we didn’t update the site for the last couple of weeks, and you also may have noticed our current gallery is experiencing some weird errors and missing pictures after some server issues this site had in past. We’ve been trying to fix it for all this time, and Roberta kindly sent us all missing pictures to be re-added, but I’m not sure why, it didn’t work and the pictures are still being missing. So after two weeks of trying and in name of our sanity and, of course, for not being stuck with an issue and leave the whole site updates behind, we decided to move all files to a new gallery, that will be located here. As you can see, it’s a work in progress and it will take a while, but we’ll do our best to do as fast as possible.

Our working progress will be posted here, and new updates as well. Be sure to follow our twitter account @KateWFan for instant updates.

05/01/2013  •  Posted By Holly  •  0 Comment(s)

I am very pleased to say that Kate Winslet Fan has moved back to Fan-Sites.org. There’s some images missing from the gallery but our new co-web, the amazing and lovely Luciana will be working on fixing them starting tomorrow! We’re going to work hard to bring this site back up to date and make it the best source for you again!

10/05/2011  •  Posted By Roberta  •  12 Comments

And to celebrate our English Rose day, I have put up a new layout made by the amazing Hilary. Hope you guys like it as much as I do! And if you come across any errors, please let me know! :D


08/21/2011  •  Posted By Roberta  •  6 Comments

Finally changed the layout of the site, made by the awesome Hilary. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! :)

Please comment away!

05/23/2011  •  Posted By Roberta  •  2 Comments

The filmography section and pages are all up-to-date at last!

Check it out and leave feedback in the comments! :)

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