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• Interviews: The Tonight Show – January 4, 2005
• Other Interviews: 20th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival – February 1, 2005

Also, an entire page dedicated to Kate’s style will be up soon, with great help from the lovely Annie. :D

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I’m thinking about opening a section for Kate’s style. Is anyone there who really understands about fashion and stuff at all and could give me a hand at this? Please comment on this post or directly contact me. :)

Thank you.

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Sarah Pierce, the central figure in Little Children is a mess. It goes beyond her uncombed hair, baggy overalls and rat’s-nest purse. She’s a smart woman who has somehow ended up in a dumb life that doesn’t feel like it belongs to her. In this she seems very different from the famously grounded Kate Winslet, who plays her in the Todd Field film of Tom Perrotta’s story of suburbia and its discontents.

Ms. Winslet, whose finely wrought performance has already won her a Golden Globe nomination and could well land her on this year’s Oscar ballot, deliberately rejected a dumb life after Titanic made her a worldwide celebrity at 22. She refused to become a Hollywood cliché, embarking instead on a decade of playing chewy, interesting parts in a series of films ranging from offbeat indies like Hideous Kinky and Holy Smoke to prestige projects like Iris and Quills She was the flaky, bewitching Clementine in Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and the teary, overwrought Ophelia in Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet. She has mastered the role of glamorous yet gracious luminary, dolling up for the red carpet and dishing on the talk shows with what appears to be genuine relish.

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Added pics from the Palm Springs Film Festival in which Kate was honored with a Desert Palm Achievement Award for Little Children yesterday, January 6.

• Awards & Galas: 10th International Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Gala

Please keep in mind that I’m always looking for contributors. For more information, go here. :)

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• Appearances: E! News – The Holiday New York premiere – November 30, 2006
• Movie Specials: E! – All The King’s Men Behind the Scenes – December 17, 2006

Stay tunned for the next update with brand new pictures of Kate at the 10th International Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Gala which happened yesterday.

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“…There are so many fragments of human minutiae parading around here, and that’s what makes “Children” an unbelievably good, transporting film…” ¾ FilmJerk.com“…A film that embraces the complexities of human nature instead of pretending that they don’t exist.” — Moneycontrol

“…The movie is consistently fascinating to watch. Not an easy movie, but definitely worth watching…” — Di-ve

“…The story has the tight focus of the best novellas, a tart balance between cynicism and humanism…” — StarTribune.com

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• The Holiday: New York Premiere
• The Holiday: London Premiere

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Hello fellow fans!

It’s just to let you know that the site’s LJ community is officially open, so please join and start posting away! :)