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I’ve replaced the MQ pics with HQs from the event that took place in Paris on March 13:

• Other Appearances: Carnage Wrap Up Party

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Added one clipping from the July issue of Total Film. It has a small interview in which Kate talks about working with Todd Haynes (Mildred Pierce), Steven Soderbergh (Contagion) and Roman Polanski (Carnage) among other things.

• Magazines/Clippings: Total Film – July 2011 (Thanks to Mariana!)

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Jodie Foster is a lot “fuzzier” than people think, according to Kate Winslet.

The two stars worked together on Carnage, which is about two sets of parents who come together to talk about their kids after they have a fight. It’s due out next year and Kate says teaming up with Jodie was a joy. Part of the fun was that the two time Oscar-winner was nothing like Kate expected — she was much more open and kind.

“One would imagine her to be fiercely private. She’s not. She’s very relaxed and warm,” Kate explained to USA Today. “She’s so much fuzzier than you’d think. That sounds flippant, but she’s comfy and soft and warm and open. She’s not at all private and aloof. I can’t believe I ever imagined her that way. But I do think she’s private about the things that are important to her to be private about.”

One of the things Jodie is protective about is her family. She has sons Charles, 12, and nine-year-old Kit and has worked hard to keep them out the limelight. The star only recently allowed them to watch some of her films as she likes to keep work and home life separate.

“They never saw a movie of mine until this year,” she explained. “Now I feel like they’re ready to have some understanding of who I am. I really didn’t want them to have that experience. I didn’t want them to see me in some projected light in any way.”

Jodie’s new film is The Beaver, which she stars in and directed. Mel Gibson plays a man who communicates using a puppet, and as it was shot while he was going through personal and legal problems much has been made of his appearance.

Mel’s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva accused him of being violent and tapes of him seemingly using racist and other offensive language were made public. Jodie maintains he is an outstanding actor and good friend, explaining they are similar in many ways.

“Look, you’ve never seen anything about Mel’s kids, either. You don’t know what they look like. That’s who he is. You try to organize your life so you’re not a reality show,” she said.

Source: Musicrooms.net

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I’ve added 929 Blu-ray screen captures from Hamlet to the gallery:

• Movies > Hamlet: Screen Captures – Blu-ray

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Added scans from five old magazines and one from a new magazine to the gallery:

• Magazines/Clippings: SET – January 1998
• Magazines/Clippings: Harper’s Bazaar – December 2005
• Magazines/Clippings: American Cinematographer – January 2009
• Magazines/Clippings: Madame Figaro – January 17, 2009
• Magazines/Clippings: Elle UK – February 2009
• Magazines/Clippings: Madame Figaro – May 7, 2011 (Thanks to Mia!)

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Kate Winslet has “set the bar” in her career and now she wants to work at maintaining it.

The Hollywood actress, who is renowned for her roles in movies such as Titanic and The Reader, doesn’t want to get complacent when it comes to her successful movie career.

The 35-year-old, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Hanna Schmitz in 2008 movie The Reader, insists there’s always things left to accomplish.

“I set the bar, and the bar is how good my work is, so it’s still about working hard, reading and making sure I bring something to the character that is true and sincere,” she said in an interview with Total Film.

The blonde beauty — who has two children Mia, ten, and seven-year-old Joe — feels lucky that she is still a major player in the film industry.

Kate says despite her determined nature, she doesn’t encourage herself to continually “top” her previous achievements.

“I’m fortunate that I’m still being invited along for the ride by great people,” she explained. “Awards and nominations are extraordinary, but at the same time it would be a mistake to ever think, ‘Oh God, I’ve got to top that.'”

Source: Musicrooms.net

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Kate Winslet looks gorgeous as the new face of American clothing brand St. John.

In these new “behind the scenes” shots the Oscar-winning actress, 35, lounges on a wooden table wearing black gloves and a one-shoulder dress.

In another the Titanic star sprawls on the floor wearing soft knits and loose grey trousers.

“The St. John collection is effortless and chic, and I think speaks to how real women live and dress today,” said the Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA winner.

The creative director of the company, George Sharp, is thrilled to have the Titanic actress on board.

“Kate is an ideal choice for our new campaign,” he said. “She is an accomplished, beautiful woman with an extraordinary body of work, and one of the most admired actors of her generation.”

The campaign was photographed by Craig McDean at the historic Loew’s Theater in New Jersey, New York. The campaign will be launched in print in September.

Source: Musicrooms.net

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While in New York recently to attend the Met Costume Institute Gala as a guest of Stella McCartney, Kate Winslet was also working at an old movie theater in Jersey City. But it wasn’t for a minimum wage! The British actress was there to model St.John Knit’s Autumn 2011 campaign.

Of course a theater is a fitting setting for the Oscar winner, who was photographed by Craig McDean for the brand for which she has signed a one-year contract. “They want to keep it looking like me and not have it look like me pretending to be a model wearing these clothes,” Winslet said of the shoot. “I’m obviously not a model. I’m not the size of a model. I don’t have the face of a model or the shape of a model.” Interesting to see her ditch her recent peroxide crop!

Added 8 new pics from the St. John’s photoshoot:

• Miscellaneous: St. John Ads